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Secretary General


Vansh Chowdhary

Exuberant, effortless and proficient, Vansh Chowdhary, is the driving force of BVCMUN 2018. An idealist, Vansh is an ace requisite for the role of the secretary general of BVCMUN 2018. He is a zealous personality and with his effervescent nature paired up with his dedication, he is always willing to walk an extra mile to achieve stratospheric heights of perfection. Vansh fervently believes in inspiring and encouraging people around him with his charming persona. He is a brilliant intellectual packed with the weight of convincing logic. Eclectic to the core, Vansh always believes in talking truth to power. His versatile personality with his ability to work effortlessly as part of a team makes him the ideal person for the position of the Secretary General of BVCMUN 2018.