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Secretary General


Rohit Ghangas

Rohit Ghangas with his amiable and agreeable personality, is an epitome of benevolence, who possesses the knowledge of dynamically guiding the young minds of today in the right direction. He has been an avid debater and a passionate MUNer, whose lively presence boosts the committee. His determined spirit and optimistic personality, make him the perfect person to uphold the responsibility of the Secretary General of the coveted MUN of Bhavan Vidyalaya Chandigarh, for the year 2019. His sense of judgement, unparalleled intellect and his remarkable wit make him a complete idealist.
With an aim for holistically developing all that are under his care, Rohit focuses on providing the best learning experience to everyone and leaving no stone unturned to achieve what he wants to. His gracious and congenial persona paired with his meticulous nature and exceptional organizational skills will surely take BVCMUN to stratospheric heights.