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With a history of nine mega successful editions of Bhavan Vidyalaya Chandigarh Model United Nations, we are honored to upkeep this legacy by presenting to you the tenth edition of the conference - BVCMUN 2019. We feel indeed proud and privileged to welcome you all to be a part of yet another chapter of this coveted conference.
In the capacity of being the Secretariat, we shoulder the responsibility of providing you a larger than life experience, hospitality, and keep up the essence and the spirit for which the United Nations stands.

This year, at BVCMUN, we would ship you to the post conflict zones through the tides of instability to ensure its reconstruction and demilitarization via the cruise of 'United Nations General Assembly (Disarmament and International Security Committee)'. We, along you, would be resolving the long-standing Israel-Palestine conflict in the 'United Nations Security Council'. While tackling the growth of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on International Labor force, we’d review the social security of workers through the 'International labor Organization. Being the state, we'd examine the policy initiatives and deal with the urbanization of the cities with a long term goal to achieve sustainable development in the 'United Nations Development Programme'. Visiting the past to architect the financial foundations of the global financial systems through the ‘Bretton Woods Conference’ and then returning back to country’s socio-economic and political affairs in the north east frontier via the 'North Eastern Council'. The issue of Criminal Liability and Diplomatic immunity of UN officials and experts will be scrutinized through the ‘International Law Commission’ not before teleporting you to the times of the 9/11 attacks and to lead the nation out of the catastrophic situation and change the course of history through the ‘George Bush Cabinet’.
This edition of the conference mainly lays stress upon the need to extricate wisdom from knowledge. This time around we aim at fostering inimitable confidence and knowledge in the young minds who sought to look for wisdom to make this world a better place to live in and make a promise for a better and brighter tomorrow. Knowledge accustomed with wisdom is the paramount of becoming a change and what we hope to promote in you which is why the theme of this time revolves around the phrase, “From Knowledge to Wisdom”.
We, along with the priceless commitment of the members of the Organizing Committee, are ardently contributing towards making this conference an unparalleled experience of a lifetime. What makes BVCMUN stand out is the team that shares within itself a bond like no other. This team, as the spine has successfully been able to pull off this ever expanding event for the past nine years. The devout devotion and impeccable coordination with which it works is extremely laudable.
We look forward to seeing you in August here in 'The City Beautiful'.