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At Bhavan Vidyalaya, we have always strived to intertwine education with practical experience and have taken exemplary steps to achieve the same. We firmly believe that learning is all about fostering a better connect with your 'true -self' and cultivating the distinctive flair and talent. For us, education translates into a world beyond the precincts of textbooks, where every individual is free to pioneer and innovate. The school has persistently endeavored to achieve the unimaginable and in the process has superseded its own expectations.
In a bid to nurture fervent minds, the concept of BVCMUN was initiated with BVCMUN2010.The national level event was a manifestation of the school's urge to be a trailblazer and bring about a monumental change in the society. The event accentuated the need to lift the veil of corruption plaguing the world by 'Giving Peace a Chance'.
The intriguing concept of 2010 having borne fruit paved the way for the second edition - BVCMUN2011.We realized that the world was clamoring to free itself from the clutches of mayhem and there was a dire need to efface the blisters of ignorance that had marred humanity. BVCMUN 2011 proved that the youthful blood and raw energy could do wonders by 'ushering the ray through revolution.
The baby steps had taken a giant leap and BVCMUN 2012 personified brilliance like never before. The event evoked the essence of humanism and did its bit to ameliorate the shattered world by spreading the 'Zeal to Heal'.
Taking the legacy forward we worked on to the subsequent edition, BVCMUN2013 and created history by organizing a phenomenal event. This edition spoke volumes about the 'Power of the People' and was able to induce in everyone a streak of compassion and solidarity.
With perfection becoming a habit, the school pulled off the fifth edition of BVCMUN with finesse. The event was replete with remarkable debate and deliberations. It left an indelible imprint on everyone's mind and the motto - Urge to Surge reverberated in every heart for the times to come.
Having attained humongous success with every edition, BVCMUN 2015 was nothing but a paragon of excellence and impeccability. Breaking the sheets of oblivion into smithereens, this edition rightfully projected the true spirit of "Strength in solidarity" and proved to be a stellar event in the history of MUNs.
Education unless and until complemented by intellectually invigorating challenges fails its purpose. Cognizant of this responsibility, the school initiated the concept of BVCMUN, which over the years has become a force to reckon with. Behind the inimitable success of this event lie the persistently assiduous efforts of the teachers and students of this institution. The teachers have left no stone unturned in their diligent endeavour to make this faint inkling develop into a vibrant masterpiece. Taking this legacy forward, the eighth edition of BVCMUN promises a whole new level of insightful deliberations and an experience that will leave you awestruck and mesmerised.