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 The North Eastern Council formed around 44 years ago, has the main objective of improving the socio economic conditions of the North eastern states. The North Eastern Council was set to tackle the plethora of problems faced in the states of North India. The north eastern states of India have been facing problems of insurgency for nearly 5 decades. The states of Nagaland, Manipur, Assam and Tripura had been witnessing con´Čéict ever since India got independence. Many groups have been raising the demand of a separate state and regional autonomy while some extreme groups demand complete independence. This is where the North Eastern Council comes to the rescue and plays a vital part in providing viable soluons to the problem.

The issue/s of:
a. Illegal Immigration in North East India with special emphasis on Assam.
b. Development of Hostile Atitude in North East pursuant to Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016.
c. Growing threat of Naxalism in North East India.