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About Chandigarh

The air itself changes when one steps into the ‘City Beautiful’ Chandigarh. Calm descends over you and suddenly you feel at peace. No worries, no tensions and even no pollution.
That is the kind of effect that this pristine city has on you. A tentative World Heritage site, Chandigarh is a breath taking concoction of modernity and antiquity. World renowned French architect, Le Corbusier planted this sapling long back post the Indian year of Independence, and it is now in its beautiful bloom.
With its numerous tourist attractions, Chandigarh is a traveller’s paradise. Its unique cuisine attends to the pallet of every enthusiastic foodie. The people of this wondrous city welcome you with open arms, eager to engulf you in their warm embrace. Once you’ve been to this lovely city you’ll never be the same again. A part of you shall linger back here. The city shall silently carve a niche for itself in your hearts, you’d seldom know when or how.